BIG FOOT WOLVES 7/8 GRADE FOOTBALL

                             2017 NIFC CHAMPIONS

                            THE PERFECT SEASON!


In Memory of James A Haeni

Wolves Chairman of the Board

August 28, 1953 - January 26, 2019

Parents, Players and Cheerleaders


You will be able to  access practice information, game schedules and ask questions via the TeamReach App.


Download TeamReach and when prompted enter the Group Code or Codes that apply to your family. We encourage the players and cheerleaders to be apart of this as well and join the groups that apply to them. Below are the group codes:



7/8 Grade Football-  Wolves7/8Team


Cheer- WolvesCheer2019


5/6 Grade Football- Wolves5/6Team








Good Morning


As sent out in an earlier email, it will be Wolves Night at the Varsity Chief's Football Game on Friday. Coach Welden has given us a timeline to share so everyone knows what is happening. Please note it is also parents night for the High School players so they will go first in introductions.



630- HS Parents gather in endzone and prepare to walk on the field ( coaches help align varsity players by numbers)

640-  All (9-10-11 grades) parents walk out on the field and players meet their parents

642- Seniors walk out of the endzone with their parents/guardians and there card is read while walking out

647- Introduce youth cheerleaders

648- Youth 5/6 and 7/8 teams are introduced and then line up with HS players for national anthem

650- National Anthem (like it usually is)



7:00   Kickoff